Platform FAQ's

Where do I find the confirmation e-mail?

Please check your spam folder of your e-mail

Can I select more than one role?

Yes. Unless you are a consultant, where you cannot have any other role.

Can I update/change my role info ?

Yes, anytime you can go and update/change your role info. Make sure you save your actions

I don’t know my EWC. How can I find it?

I don’t know my NACE code. How can I find it?

Here you can download the NACE reference file

How does the Walnut platform know which profiles to match?

The Walnut platform uses an algorithm which takes into account the geographical distance between users, as well as the quality & quantity of what each user has to offer/is looking for. Depending on how close those variables are to a perfect match, you are suggested with the matching percentage.

Where do I see my matches?

Click on the “suggested matches” tab

How can I initiate a transaction?

Under the suggested matches tab, you can find click on the transaction button to kick off the process

My transaction has not proceeded. What I can do?

  • a. First, please check that your matched user has agreed to move forward with you.
  • b. Second, you can go under the transaction tab, to check its status.
  • c. Third, you can send a message to the matched user to ask for any clarifications.