The Netherlands Nutrient Platform

This platform is an interdisciplinary network of Dutch organizations that believe in a pragmatic approach to nutrient scarcity. Pioneers from the water, agriculture, waste and chemical industries have joined forces to close nutrient cycles. Together with governments, knowledge institutes and NGOs, we are accelerating the transition to sustainable nutrition management by creating a market for recycled nutrients.

Above all, the Nutrient Platform aims to turn the excess phosphorus in the Netherlands into an opportunity. This surplus, mainly the result of our intensive farming system, causes environmental problems. By recovering phosphorus from our "waste" streams and turning it into valuable new products, not only is the environment improved, but the phosphorus cycle is closed.

36 Dutch parties representing businesses, knowledge institutes, NGOs and governments are members of the Nutrition Platform. This platform’s shared ambition is to create a market for recycled nutrients where:

  • As many nutrients as possible are recovered from "waste" streams (wastewater, sludge, manure, waste) and recycled into new valuable products (fertilizers, animal feed, chemicals, etc.) matter)
  • The recovered nutrients are exported to contribute to soil improvement and food security elsewhere, in the event of a surplus on the Dutch market.

It is believed that a circular economy could be achieved with this approach.

In fact, members of the Nutrient Platform achieve these goals by:

  • The development of innovative multidisciplinary business cases for nutrient recycling
  • The improvement Dutch and EU legislation to help turn "waste" into a resource
  • Increasing the awareness of sustainable nutrition management
  • Connecting the common knowledge curriculum to business needs

In addition, the Nutrient Platform initiated and implemented the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP). ESPP brings together businesses and other stakeholders to address the phosphorus challenge and its opportunities.

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