The German Phosphorus Platform

Central to the DPP's approach is to identify and implement innovative technologies that enable economically viable large-scale phosphorus recycling, but also through better utilization of phosphorus in existing production processes. This includes increasing production efficiency as well as reusing production waste as inputs.

The DPP is a network of members from science, industry and public authorities that aims to establish sustainable phosphorus management in Germany through more efficient use of phosphorus as well as recycling and recycling. efficient mechanism.

Germany is at the forefront of environmental engineering solutions and has identified several ways to recover phosphorus from different waste streams. However, the commercial use of these technologies is not modern and there is still room for improvement. The DPP Network is developing a number of strategies, each focused on optimizing phosphorus use efficiency, recycling rates, and substitution potential to achieve the aggregate goal of sustainable phosphorus use. throughout Germany.

Therefore, the main activities of the DPP are:

  • network of representatives from industry, agriculture and science as well as policy makers and local governments interested in sustainable management of phosphorus
  • promote an interdisciplinary approach to systems thinking, developing regulatory proposals and recommendations for policymakers
  • organize events, seminars and workshops on phosphorus related topics
  • Initiate and coordinate member projects
  • public dissemination and exchange of best practices in the field of sustainable phosphorus management

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